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Micke's keynotes are imbued with an attractive mix of facts, recognition and humour.

Since 2014, he has given more than 450 lectures in 15 countries (including New Zealand and China) and he has also done a couple of TEDx.


Today, Micke gives lectures as much to companies and businesses as to school personnel.

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Read more about Micke´s keynotes:



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This lecture has been on the road since 2019 and has met companies, organizations and schools on more than 100 occasions.

(The presentation lift is also available as a book in

Sweden and the Netherlands).

In this energy-filled lecture on the art of reaching out, you as an audience get, among other things, this:

  • Loads of useful tips on simple and effective presentation techniques that you can start using the very next day.

  • Knowledge about the importance of sharp intros, how to work with storytelling, concrete tips about your body language and of course why, when and how you should give your listeners a couple of memorable WOW moments.

  • You get tips on how to build the ultimate powerpoint presentation

In short - You get access to Micke's very best and upgraded tools. With his background in both rhetoric and pedagogy, he is well aware of how knowledge transfers successfully.

The goal is for you to be able to go from the tiresome feeling:                                                         "Oops, the audience lost interest there..." to the somewhat more pleasant one: "And here they dropped their jaws - again!"

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Gre of the Day


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When it comes to the possibilities of learning about the GOTD pedagogy, 

there are some different options:


(The story of GOTD)

Here is how it all started, how I worked with GOTD for more than 600 occasions, how other educators around the world have applyed GOTD and how YOU can get started - as early as tomorrow! 


With this lecture, you will get EVERYTHING you need to know to succeed with GOTD in your classroom.


(Brain, memory and learning)

In this lecture I have taken a deeper look at WHY a method like GOTD can make such a difference in classrooms. I connect current brain research and brand new learning theories to how I worked with Grej of the Day. This lecture provides you with a large and wide tool box of memory techniques and hyper-effective strategies for effective learning.


#3 – GOTD preschool

The same basic lecture as #1 but completely adapted to preschool personnel.

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